We are here to help…

We will guide you through this difficult process and help you create a personal touch with a floral tribute that reflects your loved ones’ favourite colour, flower, a favourite scent or plant from the garden.
With so many options available it can be overwhelming, contact us to arrange a consultation where we will help you to find the perfect tribute.

Double Ended Spray

A Double Ended Spray is the main tribute on the casket. This is traditionally given from the close family and is a large arrangement that coves the size of the casket but can be smaller. This is a lovely opportunity to choose a selection of flowers and colours that reflects your loved one.


3ft from £225

4ft from £250
5ft from £285
6ft from £325

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Single Ended Spray

A Single Ended Spray is a smaller version of the Double Ended Spray. The shape is a tear drop and allows room on the coffin for multiple tributes.


Prices start from £60

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A Posy is a round dome of flowers in a natural simple style and could be an ideal tribute from Grandchildren.


Prices from £40

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A Wreath is a traditional ring of flowers in a variety of sizes. A Wreath can be natural and loose or simple with just Roses.


10” £45
12” £50
14” £60

16″ £70

18″ £80

Contact the shop to arrange a larger size.

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Heart and Pillow

The Heart is a loving tribute and speaks for itself. An all Rose heart makes it a special arrangement, but it can be wild and natural too or simply white Chrysanthemums and edged in ribbon.


Prices from £100 depending on flowers and size.

A Pillow is a classic and sentimental tribute.  


Prices start from £100 depending on sizes and flower choice.

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Tied Sheaf

The Tied Sheaf is a lovely alternative to a formal arrangement. Loose flowers of your choice arranged and tied with ribbon or raffia.

Prices start from £50


Letters spell out the deceased’s name, traditionally based with white Chrysanthemums and edged with ribbon, alternatively choose a loose and natural style with mixed flowers and foliage.

All one size, from £50.00 per letter depending on season and availibility.

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Sympathy Bouquets

Sympathy Bouquets start from £35.00.

Other styles and arrangements are available, contact us to discuss. 01446 404660 or [email protected]