Peony Season

Why do we love Peonies so much? What is that makes us go a little bit crazy for the humble Peony flower?

The Peony is a flower that is only available during a certain time of year. That time is fast approaching and as a British florist we are bracing ourselves for the madness that comes with the Peony. The Peony season is May and early June and it is such a small window of availability that we all want as many as we can, to get our yearly fill of this gorgeous British flower.

Peonies are so versatile we love them in bouquets, arrangements, funeral tributes and of course everyone’s favourite; wedding bouquets. They come in a variety of pink colours from the palest pink to dark cerise, pure white and soft peach colours. Pair them with Roses, Freesias, Lisianthus and soft Eucalyptus foliage for a stunning scented display. They also make the perfect wedding anniversary gift for those lucky Brides who had Peonies in their bouquet.

Here at Budding Designs Flower Studio, we get asked a lot for wedding flowers. Nearly all our Brides ask us for a wedding bouquet with Peonies in, Its never easy breaking the news that Peonies are out of season. There are lots of alternatives, the British David Austin Rose makes a stunning replacement.

Whatever the reason is that you love a peony, you can not beat the simplicity of a vase of Peonies in the home, so pop to Budding Designs on the Barry High street during May and June to grab a bundle of Peonies!

Eco wrapping in paper.
Eco wrapped in hessian for a stunning bouquet.
white Peony
Perfect for wedding bouquets.

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